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Pipe Cleaner by Plazmatic

No more rubbing alcohol and rock salt. The best glass pipe cleaner has arrived: Pipe Pal is fast, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and 99.9% anti-bacterial. Why spend your hard earned cash on premium bud to smoke it out of a dirty pipe that dilutes the taste with nasty tar? A clean pipe is a happy pipe! Each box of Pipe Pal includes:

  • 3 Tubes of Pipe Pal Formula
  • 3 Extra Rigid Pipe Cleaners

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Pipe Pal in Action

Simply put some of the special Pipe Pal formula into the bowl and chamber, submerge in hot water for 15-30 minutes, then rinse and it's as good as new!

Product Reviews

Peter D. Verified Buyer

Smoother hits with clean pipe

I thought it worked good. my smoking experience is much better now after using this, every hit is much smoother and i can taste the flavors much better! Extra points for cool packaging :)


Jen B. Verified Buyer

Worked Really Well

I got my pipepal today and it worked really well for my glassware. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine


Jonathan Verified Buyer

Solid product

It works but my pipe is old and crusty and had to clean twice to get it fully clean. Also had to pry out some of the debris but includes pipe cleaners which makes it a lot easier. Still much better than Formula420 in my option and hate using rubbing alcohol bc it tastes gross after. I'll be trying it again.


From the makers of Plazmatic



The best pipe cleaner in the world.

No more shaking or harsh chemicals

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Why Pipe Pal?

It's Quick and Easy

No shaking or dealing with nasty rubbing alcohol and salt. Yuck.

Tar is bad for you

No, it's not resin, it's almost 100% TAR. and you're inhaling it every time you smoke out of a dirty pipe.

Herb will taste better

Not only does a clean pipe look better, everything you smoke out of it will taste better too.


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How do I use Pipe Pal?

  1. Evenly pour contents of tube into pipe chamber and bowl. Place pipe into a small container.
  2. Using hot water, fill container to cover pipe.
  3. Let soak until powder has completely dissolved (15 - 30 minutes depending on how dirty your pipe is).
  4. Stir pipe occasionally to release air bubbles and fully activate cleaner.
  5. Rinse thoroughly in sink using hot tap water. Use pipe cleaners as needed. Use included wire pipe cleaners as needed to remove remaining debris. 

How many cleanings per box?

You should get at least 3 cleanings per box. Depending on the size of your pipe and how dirty it is, you may get more or less cleanings. If your pipe has a lot of build up and is used frequently, you may need to clean multiple times initially to get completely clean. We recommend cleaning your pipe at least once a month or more depending on how frequently you use it. 

Can I use Pipe Pal to clean oil rigs?

No, Pipe Pal is not able to clean oil rigs, dab rigs, or concentrate pipes. It’s best for cleaning pipes used to smoke dry herb. 

Does it clean bongs?

Yes and no. Pipe Pal works best on pipes but it can also be used to clean simple* bongs. First dump the old water, remove the bowl, and plug the stem. Dump half the contents of one Pipe Pal tube (or more depending on the size of the bong) into the base. Follow the standard instructions above to clean your bowl separately.

Note Pipe Pal should not be used to clean oil, dab, or concentrate pipes.

* Straight tube or beaker without multi-chamber, percolator, or recycler.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide :) 

Can I buy in bulk to resell in my shop?

Yes! Please contact us at sales@team.plazmatic.com.

I have another question not answered here. How do I contact you?

We’d love to answer any questions you might have -- you can reach us at cs@plazmatic.com. We have a dedicated customer support team standing by.